Always. Fun(ston)

A great day for a meetup, sunny, and a great turnout; including many of our friends that we haven’t seen in a while (Yes Dobby and Nibbi…we’re talking about you 😊)

We arrived a little before 3pm, and the parking lot was packed, but around this hour there were enough people leaving that it wasn’t too difficult to find an open parking spot.

Today was also Snickers’ barkday, and his first time to the beach ever so we were glad he could spend it with us.

Some day we’ll be successful getting a group picture at Fort Funston, it’s just so difficult to get everyone’s attention since everyone is so spread out. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy the photos that Amy @getyourcorgon shared below.

If you haven’t been to any of our meetups yet, our next one is scheduled for Saturday, March 7th at Crissy Field – check out our schedule page for all of our events planned this year!

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