That Meetup with @Corgowaffles

We recently started following @corgowaffles on Instagram, and if we’d known about them sooner we would have definitely planned on meeting them during our New Year’s SoCal trip – so we were glad they invited us to meet them on their recent visit to the Bay Area. This was the day after our Point Isabel meetup, and was a much smaller crew.

Her parents arranged a meetup at Walter Haas Dog Park, it was our first time visiting that park. All of our favorite Corgs were there; @leela_thespacecorg, @bmocorgi, @izzyloaf, @cobiethecorgi, @kubo.thecorgi, and @calypsothecorgi. Waffles was super high energy, and there was definitely quite a bit of herding going on at the park…not sure if the regulars at that park were prepared for a Corg takeover of their neighborhood park.

Thank you Amy @getyourcorgon for all the photos!

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