Point Isabel 2020

Our first meetup of 2020 at Point Isabel...always a crowd pleaser.

As we crack into the new year, we decided our East Bay friends would want to join us at Point Isabel dog park. If you haven’t been to Point Isabel, you’re definitely missing out. Think of the largest fenced in dog park one could ever want…right on the bay; the only drawback is parking, which on the day of our meetup was challenging.

Seems like everyone else had the same idea of going to Point Isabel that day, for some of our members it took them almost 20 minutes to find a parking spot! Nonetheless, for those that showed up, it was a fun time indeed…good weather (considering it had rained the night before) and a really good turnout, including many first timers.

The squad, making sure everyone had a good time!
(Left to right) Binx @swayzebear, Jojo @jojothepembrokecorgi, Swayze @swayzebear, Lia @corgi.lia and Kubo @kubo.thecorgi (Photo: @jojothepembrokecorgi)

We’re looking forward to seeing even more first timers as we go into the new year, and growing our membership even more! If you haven’t been to one of our meetups yet, what are you waiting for? Our next meetup is on Saturday, February 8th at 3:00pm at Fort Funston, RSVP on our Meetup group.

Fort Funston Corgi Meetup
Fort Funston Corgi Meetup

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