Providing the Best Life For Your Aging Pet

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It isn’t easy to imagine your pet getting old, but they do, and looking after a senior pet is very different from looking after a younger animal. Although they may experience some decline in their physical and mental capabilities, their quality of life doesn’t have to follow suit, provided you follow some simple steps.

Provide a Social Life

Just because your dog has aged, it doesn’t mean he has to give up his social life. A sudden change in a dog’s routine can lead to depression and anxiety. To avoid this happening, provide him with a social life.

Your mutt could make an ideal therapy dog, which is an excellent way for him to meet new people and remain socially active. If your friends have dogs, invite them over, and after a period of playing together, they can nap side by side. 

Simple things such as taking your dog out while talking to a neighbor over the fence or retrieving the milk or mail help your doggo remain socially active and stimulated.

Remain Attached

It’s only natural for senior pet owners to distance themselves from a loving and loyal dog, it’s a way of protecting yourself from the pain you’ll experience when you eventually lose them. But it’s your dog that will suffer. 

Patt him each time you pass him during your daily routine. Invite him on the sofa for cuddles while you’re watching TV or reading a book. Allow him onto your bed at night and always look him in the eye when you speak to him. Even if your dog’s eyesight is diminishing, he’ll still be able to sense your emotions from the tone of your voice.

Regular Vet Checkups

As your dog ages, his immune system will become weaker, so it’s essential you pay regular visits to your vet. It’s recommended you take your mutt to the vets every six months. That way, your vet will be able to pick up any illness or ailment from the beginning and advise the appropriate treatment. There are several affordable veterinarians in San Francisco where you can get expert advice.


To make life easier when caring for a senior pet, you can purchase particular items such as waterproof dog beds, ideal for dogs who drool or experience the occasional accident. Before making a purchase, ensure the mattress is machine washable. Reading online reviews can help you select the best one for your pet’s needs.

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

Older dogs are more prone to accidents, and no matter what you do, there are certain stains you may encounter on your furniture that won’t come out without professional help. In such a scenario, your best bet would be to contact an upholstery cleaner. Before doing so, do a search for a furniture cleaner near you online, and be sure to read reviews to establish their credibility and quality of workmanship. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few companies, insist on a couple of referrals from satisfied customers and avoid working with cleaners who use all-in-one cleaning tools.

Surround Them With Love

Your senior pet’s health and well-being are entirely in your hands. Implementing specific strategies and keeping a close eye on their health will ensure they live their twilight years in comfort and surrounded by love. For information on monthly meetups for corgis and their owners, visit Everyone Loves a Corgi.

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