A Year Gone By

What a year this has been. After making the move to SF in September, and unable to track down a Corgi Meetup group in San Francisco…I created a group on Meetup for Everyone Loves a Corgi in December, and scheduled our first Meetup at Mission Bay Dog Park. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have reservations, or doubts. “What if nobody shows up?” or “What if they don’t like us?”

Boy was I wrong. In the short year since this group has been in existence our membership has grown to close to 400 members. We’ve arranged events and activities from sheep herding in Santa Rosa, marching in the parade at SF Pride, QBSDR fundraisers and hikes spanning venues from the East Bay to those overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.


I am amazed at what we’ve built, the Corgs we’ve met, and the friends we’ve made. The Corgi community is very special, that is very true – and it is that community that has played a big role in helping us make SF really feel like home. Thank you to all of our members that have attended our events, or simply follow us on Instagram.

Lia and I look forward to planning more events in 2018, and to bringing the Bay Area Corgi community even closer together. Maybe a year from now I’ll be able to say we hit the 1,000 member mark? Possible.

Thank You! Here’s to 2018!

Happy New Year!

Derek & Lia

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