July Spark Social Corgi Meetup


How do you get thirty plus Corgs and their hoomans together for a group photo on an unusually hot summer day in SF? Not very easily for sure, but as much as we complain about having to leave the comfortable shade to sit out in the sun with squirmy Corgs that won’t sit still…we’re always thrilled with the outcome. It also helps to have a fantastic Corg owner/photographer Amy Liu in our group who can shoot these ‘corgeous’ photos at our events. I can’t say this enough, thank you Amy.

Thank you to everyone that showed up today! Yes Spark Social was crowded, we knew it would be and wanted everyone to know about our departure plan to the Quad where the Corgs could run free and get their frap on. We’re so grateful for Carlos and his team at Spark Social for accommodating us on site and promoting our Meetups every time we’re there.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Julia, Marcelle and Monique from Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue for showing up with their pack! You can still make a donation on their site, Susan and Mike do a fantastic job fostering Corgs and finding new homes for them. They’re also great people and we look forward to partnering with them more in the future to help increase their presence in NorCal at our future events.

If you attended this Meetup, please complete this survey to help us continue to improve these events. Thanks again, and see you at Crissy Field next month.


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