When the Corgs go marching in


Pride Meetup

Happy Corgs. Happy Pride! Thank you to everyone that came out to march with us yesterday for our first ever Corgi March during SF Pride.

Corgis are love. Corgis love everyone, and everyone loves a Corgi. Even before we got underway, the words “Oh my God…Corgis” were echoed countless times from many passers by at the sight of our group assembled on the sidewalk. I remember a six foot drag queen walked by dressed head to toe in a striking yellow ensemble and platform heels, stops and looks down…and is literally in tears, overwhelmed by emotion and the insane cuteness that are Corgs.

Once we set off on Market Street, the energy and excitement of this city was absolutely incredible. I’ve participated in other Pride parades before in Florida, but none of them can compare to the spectacle that is Pride in San Francisco.

A few short months ago we had the idea about marching in Pride, and it was amazing to see that come to fruition; to bring some Corgi love to the city of San Francisco at Pride!

To all the Corgs that came out to march, hope you’re well rested, had lots of treats and got to roll around in some cool grass after the march. Thank you to the amazing pawrents, who looked out for one another’s Corgs, shared their water, warned us about metal grates on the route ahead…and everything else good Corg pawrents do. Our group wouldn’t be what it is without you.

Lia, Swayze, Alison and I are so incredibly happy to have you guys as a part of our squad. We look forward to seeing you all again at Spark in a few weeks!

P.S. Special thinks to Amy, our dedicated photographer (credit for the group photo above). She’s amazing, and we’re so glad she came to shoot our group at the march. Check out her album that was recently shared to our Facebook page!


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