Great turnout at Spark!

This was one of the largest turnouts we’ve had to date. It’s become clearly evident that SF has a well founded obsession with Corgis, with the need for regular events outside of the two times a year at CorgiCon to fill that need. I’ve created a survey to collect any feedback from attendees on how we can continue to improve these events, would love if you attended and would complete it. https://goo.gl/forms/IGuIOGoeqZuDofwn1

The group photo probably captures maybe half of the Corgis that were there, trying to corral owners and their Corgis for a group photo is harder than you’d think. We walked around notifying anyone we saw with a Corgi that the group photo will be at 1pm in front of the bus. Some cared, some didn’t.
We also decided at the last minute to use the event to serve as a fundraising drive for Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue and had the pleasure of hosting their founders who were in town for a wedding. If you didn’t have an opportunity to bring any donations, you can always visit their Amazon wish list to donate items in need.
These Meetups have done so much to bring the community together, with so many happy Corgs, owners and their admirers. Lia and I have met so many great people and Corgs that we look forward to seeing again, and hope it’s done the same for all of our members.
Thank you for everyone that came out. Next month we’ll be heading out for a hike in the East Bay, and a return to Funston towards the end of the month. Hope you all can join us!

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