SF Pride Event Terms & Conditions

The event hours are from 10:00am to 2:30pm.

Participants are required to be at the staging area by 11:15 am. We are scheduled to begin marching between 12:20 pm and 1:00 pm (Note these hours are subject to change once we receive instructions closer to the event).

Participants will be photographed during the event, and agree to having these photographs used by event organizers in promotional materials and/or on our website.

Participants are responsible for the welfare of their dog(s) throughout the duration of the event. Please bring water and treats as needed.

All dogs must remain on leash during the event.

Participants accept all responsibility for the actions of their dog(s) which include any property damages or injuries inflicted to other dogs, participants or spectators.

Participants must pick up after their dog if there are any accidents along the route or in the staging area.

The parade route takes place along Market Street from the Embarcadero to Civic Center. There are sections of the route with metal grill surfaces that could injure your dog(s). Participants are advised to walk around these surfaces, or pick up their dog(s) when these sections are encountered.

All participants must follow the instructions of event organizers and contingent monitors during the event.

Participants will be subscribed to our email list to receive newsletters, announcements and promotional material.

Participant email addresses will be shared with our promotional sponsors.

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